Friday, 27 July 2012

WAE+ Reviews - a warning and some other information sources

WAE+ Review

If you have come across this page, you have most likely been researching our company WAE+, and as any diligent customer should do - you are looking to find out how this company operates with regard to its orders and customers. You may not have heard about WAE+ before, and therefore may be unsure as to who we are and the views of another customer can be invaluable.

The standard online review sites don't work

The problem is that people aren't motivated to post good experiences - only negative experiences. A company that has a massive PR department, and marketing budget can throw vast sums of money at campaigns so that people know who they are. The net effect of that is that while these companies still get thousands upon thousands of bad reviews - everybody knows or has heard of the company, so feels less like taking these reviews as gospel.

Here at WAE+, we pride ourselves on the fact that we haven't been around too long, but have done a lot in a short space of time. We process many thousands of orders every month - most of which go through without so much as a slight problem - like most companies, these customers are happy with their item and move on. As you might expect, relatively few people actively post reviews for positive experiences or, on the occasions where an issue has been resolved, few if any people post to update their 'warnings' to report a successful resolution.

Owing to this inherent bias - we have invested in review services that provide a more realistic picture of what our customers experience. We use companies such as Feefo and Reevoo who offer a more non-incentive based experience where the customer's review really does matter - of both the service, and the product that they purchased. Reviews of WAE+ on Reevoo can be viewed here. WAE+ Reviews on Feefo can be viewed here.

We admit that we aren't perfect. We admit that there have been problems that have inconvenienced people. But we also guarantee that we are constantly working to improve our services - answering more calls, upgrading our delivery courier to UPS, responding to customer contacts faster and in more detail - and that we will always continue to improve our services.

Still not sure?

If you have any doubts, give us a call during office hours - when one of our trained and helpful UK call-centre staff will be on hand to answer any of your queries, or failing that - send us in a message to our contact system.

We are approved by ISIS (Internet Shopping Is Safe) and IDIS (Internet Delivery is Safe), and use only the highest level of SSL security for our checkout.

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